There are certain fundamental characteristics that every good appraiser should have (ie. experience, local knowledge, education, attention to detail, standards and ethics, etc.). While I possess all of those characteristics, I know based on what my clients have said time and time again that I provide something else that is invaluable to them.


A Sincere Interest in People

For our company, interacting with clients is not simply a means to an end. I enjoy meeting people, engaging with them, and listening to them. It’s an opportunity for to me share information, and to be a trusted guide as you navigate the waters of obtaining a home appraisal.


A Report That is Tailor Made

Most appraisers will come out and measure your home, take some pictures, and ask a few questions. Then, several days later, you get an email with a PDF of an appraisal report. You‘re anxious to see what value the appraiser has come up with, and you open the report only to find that you have no idea what you’re looking at. Each report that we produce is tailor made with your purpose in mind. For example, estate appraisals often require different details than divorce appraisals, or pre-listing appraisals. We take these differences into consideration as we produce your report in the most appropriate format.


A Free Consultation Before and After

All of my appraisals involve two consultations (one during the initial inspection, and another after the appraisal report has been completed).  During the first consultation, I interview the homeowner to find out what their expectations are and explain how the appraisal process works. Once the report has been completed, I typically have the second consultation in which we go over the report together.  

  • We explain how the report is laid out and where to find the most important information.
  • We go through the charts and graphs that I have added to the report, and I explain the current market conditions and property value trends in their neighborhood and how that affected my value conclusion.
  • We go through the sales I used, where these comparables are located and discuss any adjustments that were deemed necessary.
  • And most importantly, I ask you if you have any questions to ensure that the appraisal portion of you process is as stress-free and easily understood as possible.



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